Old columns I have found

I was digging around in the database at work the other day and found the very first column I wrote, back in 1992. Here's a link to that column.

Please note - this page is no longer updated - so it truly is just a bunch of old columns. No recent ones can be found here.

If  it's free, it's for me.

A get-out-of-trouble free card.

Back-to-school high tech shopping.

Search and you may not find.

Digital photography for beginners

There is no customer service.

Your wiring is out of whack.

A gadget that does many things does none of them well.

Sweet spot lies between cheap and expensive.

Vista signals need for DVD drive.

Some basic answers about HDTV.

Advance word on the new Microsoft Vista

Saving a few bucks with technology.

Do-it-yourself computer maintenance.

High-tech on a low-tech budget.

Digital photography for your vacation.

My favorite gadgets.

Who do you trust for buying information?

Buying a high definition TV on a low definition budget.

Don't send me any mass mailings please.

Keep Vista in mind when buying a new PC.

Readers talk of love/hate relationship with computer.

Join my crime-fighting army.

Great HDTV reception is free.

Help me fall in love with computers again.

Some quick and dirty fixes.

Polite e-mail is effective e-mail.

The brand names you should care about.

Worry about computer crime in a sane way.

Returning a PC to the workforce.

A hard case of hard disk problems.

A high-tech survival kit.

My New Year's Resolutions.

What's coming in technology for the New Year.

Christmas morning advice.

My letter to Santa.

Mac vs. PC debate revisited

High-tech holiday for the gifted.

Test your knowledge.

Next big thing? Big screen for PCs and home.

Moving into a new PC.

Research before you buy.

An easy system for passwords.

Bald truth about taming that tangle of wires.

It isn't free, but it's inexpensive technology.

When to leave the laptop behind.

The questions I get.

Some of the best things online are free.

Hurricane offers chance to prepare.

Some computer shopping tips.

Say goodbye - fairly soon - to the CD.

Mom could have fixed your computer.

New Vista for Windows.

Hey, I can change my mind.

All the printers that are fit to use.

Fixing a PC.

Success with Laptops

When the power goes out.

Learning from my mistakes.

A TV remote that is (almost) perfect.

Do-it-yourself computer maintenance.

E-mail made easy.

Straighten up and type right.

Computers are as cranky as I am.

PC essentials - no glamour, all satisfaction.

The mystery behind ID theft. (news story, not column)

Tuning up your PC security.

File this away.

The HDTV Quandary.

It's dangerous to be in a hotspot (news story, not column)

Fearless predictions.

Don't get in a fixing frenzy.

What's wrong with this picture?

Think things are bad? Just wait.

It's the work you do with tools, not the tool.

More HDTV today.

Secrets of computing happiness.

A Mini splendored thing

The lights go on at my house.

Being clear about HDTV.

Wireless with a twist.

Straightening up the mess at home.

HDTV - navigating all the choices. (news story, not column)

My readers talk back.

The old problem.

The mistakes you make.

Public Enemy No. 1: You.

Horrors of e-mail customer service.

Predictions for the New Year.

A shocking kiss.

Turn your PC off and then give it away.

High-rolling high-tech.

New PCs go cheap, cheap, cheap.

To update, or not to update, that's the question.

My readers talk back.

Buying a new computer.

Take a deep breath before fixing a computer.

It's a coincidence.

The new newspaper.

How to kill a computer.

Buying a monitor.

Fixing the PC without opening the case.

When geek speak starts, walk away.

Lights out.

First aid for computers.

How to avoid spam.

When customer service isn't.

Using the Web to get a bargain price on a car.

Tuning up your PC.

My readers talk back.

Be your own tech support person.

Don't sell that old clunker of a PC.

Cross your fingers, throw salt over your shoulder, and try this.

Plasma TVs are great. Don't buy one.

How secure are you?

Vacation computing tips.

Accessories make the computer.

Ham radio - an old-tech hobby of mine.

Searching the Web.

Digital photography is a snap.

Souping up a PC.

Some stupid advice.

Tech support advice from an expert.

Preparing for the storm to come.

Adware/spyware threats.

Even more reader complaints.

Readers sound off with high tech gripes.

The price you pay for gadgets.

Tell me what makes you mad.

Having a Mac attack.

Common computing mistakes.

Learn the language of computing.

PC upgrades you can do yourself.

An ugly secret.

It's a wormy world.

When your PC gets in a fix, fix it yourself.

Time for a pop quiz.

How to make DSL behave.

A simple PC upgrade.

The readers take over.

High tech resolutions for the New Year.

Keeping an old computer new.

New Year's predictions.

My gift to you.

As seen on HDTV.

World Wide Crooks.

Laptops of Luxury.

Bad tools for the job - Web toolbars.

Agreeing to disagree.

Shocking truth about batteries.

Cranking up a cranky computer.

A perfectly digital picture.

Tripping with a computer.

Shopping for a PC.

Sprucing up a Web page.

An analog guy in a digital world.

On the road with the Evil Computer Wizard.

Go to a little trouble now, or face a lot of trouble later.

A low-tech survival kit.

Put a little hair on your PC's chest.

Here's why I am simple minded.

Back-to-school computers.

Keep your PC humming.

Traveling light.

Banishing ghosts.

Lazy man's PC guide.

Get lost, the hi-tech way.

Say Cheese, click this, then smile.

Fix your PC the easy way.

Top 10 questions you ask.

The day the power went out.

Another lesson from the wizard.

PCs can save you a few bucks.

EarthLink does something about spam. (story, not column)

Get a life.

Letting my readers do the work.

You may not need a new PC.

It's a mail problem.

When customer service isn't.

On the Web: Location, location, location.

Become a genius in 10 minutes.

The real cost of upgrading your PC.

Finding Skip's cabins on Lake Hamilton.

If you just want a great place to stay, skip the column and go right to Skip:


Follow the Iraq war by shortwave (story, not column)

Commercial radio's switch to digital (story, not column)

I save the evil wizard.

Norton saves the day.

The dirty truth about computers.

You've gotta speak the language.

Dealing with hardware problems.

My mistake.

No monopoly on success.

The eternal (and sort of boring) Mac vs. PC debate.

Another really stupid worry, whether to turn your PC off, or leave it on all the time.

Spring cleaning for computers.

A dozen ways to ruin your PC.

Predicting the future.

Don't let your security fears get the best of you.

I'm a magician alright - a bad one. 

Computers are tools.

I'm just spoofing.

Cellphones make me a little crazy.

Network trouble? No, it's human trouble.

A bit about printers.

You're safer than you think.

What the magpie steals.

One of the best things to do with your PC is to turn it off.

How the PC stole Christmas.

Have another serving of spam.

Why a firewall is your best friend.

Fix it yourself, or call in the professionals?

How to buy a computer.

A tough question.

Linux isn't a cartoon character.

Advice about passwords.

My trip to Mars.

Internet rip-offs.

The value of  space exploration (news story, not a column).

E-mail lessons

Give that old computer away (please).

Are newspapers antique? I know I am.

Why I love shortwave radio.

Still another shortwave column.

Sometimes the best thing to do to a computer is nothing at all.

Open up, when it comes to your computer's case.

The singing pigs of the computer world.

Do you remember Y2K?

Programs that snoop on you.

Shopping for tech support.

Going to the Web for PC help.

Computers are magic.

Give your PC a vacation.

The Golden Age of the Internet? You missed it.

Some hints for fixing your computer.

You want answers? Turn to the Web. Unless you care if the answer is right.

E-mail etiquette.

Firewall basics.

Pop-up ads make me mad.

The floppy disk heads for the sunset.

Turn off the computer please.

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All about spam

And then some

I worked with Ann Hardie to produce a giant (four months of reporting) series on spam. Here are the links to some of the stories in that series.

Main story Meet a spammer and a victim.

Pornographic spam Even the folks at Playboy and Hustler hate it

Spam Slayers The lawyers and tech who hunt spam and spammers.

Government's role What the FBI, FTC and others do - and don't do- about spam.

Can it be stopped Will spam  get better or worse.

How to fight spam Simple tips for controlling spam at home.

Questions and answers Just what that says, including how Monty Python invented spam.


Ann and I won a nice national award for the series. If you go to the link below and scroll down to the first place finish for business news stories for the year, you'll find it. Pretty neat.


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